World Human Rights Vision - WHRV

WHRV is a Non-Political, Non-governmental (NGO). Volunteers and charities will be upgraded.

In addition to the five basic needs or the people, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights declared by the UN, its main objectives is to establish and implement the rights of the oppressed and the rights of the oppressed and the create, accept and implement such related projects. In compliance with the policies of the government or the registration authority. The society shall be established and operated for the implementation of any purpose and purpose of society. After the registration of the concerned authority, all activities of the society can be started.

In the name of the society, it is to establish the rule of law in Bangladesh by establishing the rights of the oppressed, oppressed, helpless people, protection and implementation of investigation, inquiry, information search, human rights implementation. Development protection, legal advice (legal aid), and assistance in the protection of the people. The society will be established here to ensure various basic needs including the creation of a free society, self-employment or unemployed youth, education of the disadvantaged people, rehabilitation of the underprivileged, health, sanitation, and securing support for the wider population and to protect civil rights.